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高士台 The Summa Cover


高士台 The Summa Design Floor Plan

Situated at The Summa, this 1,000 sq.ft apartment located in the Mid-Levels of Hong Kong. The former layout was comprised of three bedrooms, and an open plan living and dining area. Instead of following the layout offered by the developer, Danny decided to remodel the plan to accommodate the client’s requirements. Fortunately, most of the walls could be knocked down. Danny rearranged the layout to fulfill client’s requirements for personality and purposes – way of life, storage and the use of space.

Interior Design with an emphasis on arts, colors and lighting effects, the brief was to curate a living space that matches with the homeowner’s artistic mind in The Summa. As such, the ocean-like oil painting was incorporated in the living area, complemented with the layering of the walls and ambient lighting. Vibrant hues of the children’s room also added a little drama to the interior.

To emphasize the oil painting, two similar yet varying shades of white have been introduced to the communal area – pale white palette for the dining while grey-white hue was used to create a cooler ambience for the living. Custom-made cabinet situated next to the dining table was further highlighted by vertical lighting in order to brighten up the area.

Also, one would definitely be attracted by the rainbow-like tent when entering the children’s room. Children now have their own sleeping quarters, walk-in closets and reading areas after reconfiguration, ensuring a joyous and functional space for the two kids to grow together.