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柏傲山 The pavilila hill Design Floor Plan 平面設計圖

This is a residential apartment in The Pavilia Hill. As a family, they love to spend time together, chilling out in the living and dining area. Client’s requests are clear and straight-forward, both in terms of functionality and aesthetic beauty. As the whole family sharing the same interest – enjoy reading and fond of classical music, homeowner prefers a beautiful living space with elegant touch which could best reflect their personalities, tastes and lifestyles.

Rather than re-structuring the layout, bespoke interiors and furnishing reflecting homeowner’s fine tastes is the foremost aim in this case. Thus, the brief was to create a warm and lived-in environment through interior design, particularly the dining area to strengthen bonds between family members. As such, Danny thoughtfully outfitted the walls with light oak paneling. Not only because of aesthetic beauty – remain the tasteful and elegant ambience, but also for consistency. For instance, the light oak finishing is extended from the TV panel to the study room so as to conceal the door. In order to enhance the feeling of spaciousness of dining zone, curvature design is employed. Reflective material such as mirror is added to visually enlarge space.

Danny opted for a earth-toned colour scheme. Throughout the apartment, the overall palette remains precise with a widely use of beige, light grey, and strategically populating hues of blue, such as decorative pieces like cushions, carpet placed under the marble coffee table and round dining table in the dining area, thus creating a dialogue with the external cityscape.