豪廷峯 | Le Sommet

As the owner often travels abroad for business, the main concept was to create a relaxing interior design. To transform Le Sommet of 1,425 sq.ft abode designed for a family into a living space to retreat after a long period of routine work.

Danny stuck to a precise, neutral palette of white, grey, and strategically populating the space with blue and earthy hues. Characterized by dark grey walls that deliver a modern, sophisticated feel, together with clean white walls and light wooden floors making a contrast, Le Sommet features marble and wood elements that complement the overall aesthetic. Bespoke furniture and furnishing illuminated by concealed light strips appear to be ‘floating in the air’, together with the geometric elements such as the blue carpet and the light sources in the ceiling highlighted by wooden panel, joint to bring forth a sense of playful ambience.

Keeping with owner’s desires for a relaxing interior and spacious living and dining area, Danny had created the ‘Magic Floating table’ – a dining table without legs that adds an extra drama and visual entertainment. It becomes the first furniture piece come into sight after stepping inside the entrance foyer. Yet the table is more than just an eye-catching, surrealistic decorative fixture. The design made complete sense to enhance the overall feeling of spaciousness, not to mention its load capacity of 200 pounds. Next to it, the transparent Louis Ghost chair from the Italian brand Kartell is thoughtfully selected to maximize the feeling of space as well.



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