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陽明山莊 Hong Kong Parkview Cover

hong kong parkview

陽明山莊 Hong Kong Parkview Design Floor Plan

Nestled between the green mountains of Tai Tam at Hong Kong Parkview is an apartment modelling a beautiful blend of the Orient and the Occident. Sprawling across a generous 4,616sq. ft, the whole space has been designed to offer comforts of a home as well as the attractions of a clubhouse.

The previous floor plan of Hong Kong Parkview was quite symmetrical with mirroring twin units, distributed in eight rooms on the left and right. Interior designer Danny changed the initial layout of the apartment to suit the needs of its sociable owners, who are accustomed to hosting parties and events. To echo the spectacular outside views, the new design brings natural elements like mountains, water, waves and marbles into the interior design.

To create an abode emphasizing the surrounding landscape, a calming and restrained palette has been applied to the interiors. Marble and warm timber accents were added to the walls and floors, whereas leather and textiles could be found in custom-made or loose furniture in order to enrich visual variety.

The hall has a wooden Yamagata false ceiling rising up to 17m, starting with a bar table and spanning across the entire dining area and living room. The ebbs and flows of the tray ceiling, which is equipped with a smart home lighting system, are designed to mimic Yamagata. The apartment also houses a calligraphy and tea-tasting massage room, a theatre room and a wine cellar replete with the owners’ favorite collections.