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敦皓 The Morgan Cover


敦皓 The Morgan Design Floor Plan

360° living circle’ concept could be visualized in this 400 sq.ft apartment in The Morgan.

Danny utilizing the abode’s soaring ceiling, a custom-built cylindrical stacked volume is created in order to bring the client’s vision into reality. For instance, such unconventional, unusual curvy stacked volume consists of five layers – living area on the floor level, sleeping quarter on above, a bookshelf, a dining table and the custom-built stairs – from the inner to the outer, from the smallest to the largest. As such, five overlapping circles have been created to fulfill different functions, at the same time sharing the same central point to become a ‘360°living circle’ concept.

For this project, the client and Danny were in unison with the desired aesthetic of the interior Design. The open-studio reflects a calm and understated style. With a clean, uncluttered and utterly enchanting backdrop, Danny places the client’s comfort at the core. Foyer could be considered as an introduction to the overall aesthetics. Mirrored walls and crafted moulding panel incorporated with high density storage that combines shoes cabinet and dressing table offers a modern yet elegant ambience.

For the abode’s open-plan living area, kitchen, study and sleeping quarter, the colour palette remains soft and concise so as to complement the grey tone cylindrical stacked volume highlighted by metallic accents. Designed with femininity and elegance in mind, a neutral colour palette made up of subtle grey and pale white helps to add a calming atmosphere throughout the interiors.