Stars by the Harbour

The apartment is located in the Stars by the Harbour in Hung Hom, with an area of about 1,100 sq.ft. The overall interior design is expressed in a light luxury style, with a color scheme mainly in beige. The three bedrooms are allocated as a master bedroom, a son’s bedroom, and a guest bedroom.

In terms of interior design, the most eye-catching feature is the curved wall behind the dining room, with a curved glass and blue floral design that creates a contrast with the living room. Additionally, Danny used mirror design to enhance the sense of space and provide an additional option for the dining room’s background wall. The living room is more plain-colored, creating a relaxing and comfortable feeling. The master bedroom embodies the light luxury effect, with a softer color scheme. The floral design from the dining room extends into the master bedroom, and the floral design can also be seen in the headboard design and the master bathroom.

The master bathroom is designed in a semi-transparent manner, with a glass wall next to the bathtub. When the homeowner opens the curtain, the sense of space in the master bathroom blends into the master bedroom. Homeowner can enjoy the beautiful Victoria Harbour during bathing. The bathroom is made of beige marble-patterned tiles, equipped with a massage bathtub, and the wall of the bathtub area is made up of hand-cut mosaic with a floral theme, making the overall design style more unified.