Stars by the Harbour

The apartment, located in the “Stars by the Harbour” in Hung Hom, Hong Kong, spans approximately 1,100 square feet and features a layout of three bedrooms, two living rooms, and a maid’s room. The overall interior design adopts a light-luxurious style, with a predominant beige color scheme, creating an elegant and comfortable ambiance.

As a homeowner who frequently entertains guests and friends, they were keen to incorporate a dedicated photogenic spot that would delight and inspire visitors to take photos upon entering the home. At the same time, the homeowner wanted to ensure a refreshing and novel experience for guests with each visit.

One of the most striking design features is the curved wall behind the dining area. The blue-toned floral painting motif combined with the curved glass panels creates a striking contrast against the more neutral living room. Designer Danny also incorporated mirror elements to enhance the sense of spatial depth and provide an additional backdrop option for the dining setting. In contrast, the living room maintains a more understated and soothing color palette, evoking a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

The master bedroom continues the light-luxurious aesthetic, with a softer, more muted color tone. Interestingly, the floral painting motif from the dining area has been extended into the master bedroom, while the headboard design and master bathroom also feature floral-inspired accents.

The master bathroom likewise incorporates floral elements. The bathtub area utilizes mosaic tiles to create a continuous floral pattern, while the bathtub itself is designed with backlit elements, giving a floating, visually elevated effect to enhance the sensory experience of the space.

Overall, the apartment design seamlessly blends luxurious, high-end elements with a sense of tranquility and relaxation, catering to the homeowner’s desire to impress guests while also providing a comfortable and rejuvenating sanctuary for themselves and their family.


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