interior designer

Danny Chiu Interior Designs Ltd is an interior design company founded by Mr. Danny Chiu in 2009.

Guided by Danny’s motto, “Enjoy Your Design Life,” we firmly believe that residential interior design encompasses more than just physical arrangement of living spaces. It is about shaping the everyday lives of residents, organizing their lifestyles, and inspiring infinite imagination and possibilities through distinctive design. We value meetings and communication with our clients to understand their living patterns and personal stories. By integrating our professional expertise, we aim to provide clients with a residential design that goes beyond the superficial and offers profound meaning.

Designing the home, is not only a wonderful and joyful journey, but also realm that juxtaposes day and night. From the initial collaboration with clients to the interior design project’s execution and the moment of completion, we strive to create unforgettable and delighted experiences for our clients.


“Enjoy Your Design Life” is the motto of Mr. Danny Chiu, who firmly believes that design can truly integrate into life only when approached with an enjoyable mindset and certain that the clients can derive enjoyment from the process. In practice, Danny excels at engaging in open and sincere dialogue with clients, drawing inspiration and creative ideas from candid and interactive exchanges.

He views each project as an opportunity to create unique art piece using his extensive design skills, decipher captivating stories that are exclusively tailored to each client.

Danny is a certified interior designer of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association and has specialized in interior design and environmental studies. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, he has received numerous accolades throughout the years, including but not limited to:

  • UK International Property Award Nominee of Asia Pacific Best of Interior Design Private Residence Asia Pacific
  • Germen Design Award
  • America International Design Award (IDA)
  • Italy A’ Design Award
  • Korea K-Design Award
  • Singapore SIDA Interior Design Award
  • Hong Kong A&D Trophy Award