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畢架山峰 Mount Beacon Cover

mount beacon

畢架山峰 Mount Beacon Design Floor Plan

Stunned by the natural scenery around the neighborhood of the Mount Beacon, Danny gained inspiration from the nature. Mountains, seas and clouds were the core elements of nature applied in the Mount Beacon, hoping to create a sense of refreshment in the interiors.

Nature as the theme of the interior design had freshened two adjoining units in bustles. White, grey and light wooden colors delicately painted the interiors while different building materials from nature, like wood or granite, helped create a touch of softness and a sense of spaciousness, shaping unique characters and charm for each room. Besides, the ceilings joining two units resembled the shape of mountains to avoid awkwardness and the sense of oppression.

Client has three children, spatial planning would be the first idea to come up with. In order to evenly divide the space for each family member, nearly all walls in the unit were demolished for new arrangements. Besides, residential floor-heating system was introduced in the living room, considering the need of the client.

Every area of Mount Beacon was designed not only for good appearance but also for multiple functions. For example, the two balconies were separated into dynamic and static zones. The client can do gym in the dynamic zone, enjoying the natural view outside, to maintain health or drink wine with friends and family in the static zone to relax from busy work. There are sufficient space and functional areas for the family members to enjoy family life while keeping good privacy.