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迎海.星灣 Double Cove Cover

double cove

迎海.星灣 Double Cove Design Floor Plan

Danny was commissioned to furnish this seaside apartment of Double Cove on Ma On Shan for a multi-generational family.

Keeping with client’s desire for a weekend retreat, the overall interior design emphasizes comfy, freshness and flexibility. The family’s love for gathering and socializing has been incorporated into the layout composition, especially in the shared space. The outcome is an inviting, generous communal space comprises a sitting area, a convivial but discreetly elegant semi-open kitchen joint with the dining space, and the living which enjoys direct access to the balcony.

Zones are divided by using a subtle floor change of grey marble and wooden floors, as well as the floor-to-ceiling screen partition/ TV panel. The well-equipped semi-open kitchen displays a touch of contemporary chic, whilst the reflective surfaces and mirrored walls bounce lights and multiply views.

Inspired by the ‘ritual’ of checking in to the hotel, Danny came up with the concept of ‘first-come-first-served’ so as to fulfill client’s wish of ‘freshness’. Interestingly, there is no fixed bedroom specifically furnished for each of the family member, which means that they could ‘check in’ to different rooms according to their preference and mood, and maybe the availability of the rooms as well.

During the interior design process, lighting was being used as an effective tool to create mood. By incorporating various lighting solutions and smart living system, occupants can easily adjust and create the preferred ambience for reading, dining and napping as he/she wants in the Double Cove.