Designer seeks inspirations from urban landscape. Scenery of hectic urban space is thereby ‘extended’ to the living space, characterized the project by Metropolitan theme. Bringing an urban language the predominant colors are deep tone, examples are dark grey wallpaper and walnut wood. Contrasting palette creates depth of the space and also bestows character. With the Metropolitan theme and owner’s preference, the 714 square feet flat was designed with a mood of modern boutique suites. Dark colours are highlighted by multiple sources of light to create splendid visual effects and atmosphere. By adopting mosaic, painting, as well as curtain with digital print, images of dense city is added to the interior. Apart from decorative elements, designer has put great effort to spatial planning, particularly focused on functionality, so as to optimize space efficiency. The outcome is a stylish and luxurious home capable of accommodating up to 7 persons to sleep over.