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環宇海灣 City Point Cover


環宇海灣 City Point Design Fllor Plan

Urban landscapes outside the window of the 714 sq.ft apartment at City Point have given Danny inspiration of the interior design. To bring an urban language, the predominant colours are in deep tone and highlighted by multiple sources of light to create splendid visual effects and atmosphere. By adopting mosaic, abstract paintings, as well as curtains with digital print, images of a dense city are added to the interiors. Scenery of the hectic urban city is thereby ‘extended’ to the living space, characterized the project by a metropolitan and moody hotel theme.

Apart from decorative elements, spatial planning is also an essential part. Particularly focusing on functionality and optimize space efficiency, every inch of the flat has been fully utilized. In Hong Kong, a dense populated city, space is valuable. Therefore, treasuring each inch of space has become a major concern in building up the design concept. The idea of ‘extend the metropolitan into home’ is mainly applied to the project aiming to bring a sense of modernity and spaciousness to City Point.

The maid bedroom is an important highlight for the final design. Inspired by the idea of capsule hostels in Japan, the maid bedroom is transformed from a storeroom into a two-level bedroom, letting the maids have their own private zone with individual entrance, bed, wardrobe, air-condition system and lighting system in a space less than 20 sq.ft. Finally, the outcome is a stylish and luxurious home capable of accommodating up to seven people to sleep over.