New Trend Centre office is located in the bustling commercial district of Hong Kong, occupying an area of approximately 110 square meters. The design concept aims to create a workspace that exudes metropolitan charm and a sense of spaciousness, with an emphasis on an open-plan layout and a color palette dominated by black and walnut wood tones.

The Manhattan-themed accent wall in the design director’s workspace serves as a focal point, capturing the essence of urban life and infusing the office with a cosmopolitan vibe. It adds visual interest and serves as a conversation starter, reflecting the design director’s style and personality. The open-plan design enhances the overall sense of space throughout the office, promotes a collaborative and dynamic work environment, allowing for seamless communication and interaction among team members. The absence of physical barriers fosters a sense of unity and encourages a free flow of ideas and creativity.

The color palette of black and walnut wood tones adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the office. Black, with its sleek and modern appeal, creates a sense of professionalism and authority. Walnut wood, on the other hand, brings warmth and richness to the space, providing a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for employees and visitors alike.

Overall, this office in Hong Kong’s bustling business district embraces an open-plan design and a color scheme of black and walnut wood tones to create a workspace that is both stylish and spacious. It fosters collaboration, creativity, and a metropolitan ambiance, making it an inspiring environment for employees to thrive and excel.