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逸瓏灣 Mayfair by the sea II Design Floor Plan 平面設計圖

This 2,500 square foot flat is designed with the theme of bird wings. Designer use simple material and pure color to create a home feeling as well as a relaxing holiday atmosphere.

Each room has a playful theme. Living room and the master room added birds concept in the design, the ceiling of the light trough like a birds open the wings. Baby room designed with circus theme, Designer use colorful colors, blue sky and bright balloons to create a lively atmosphere. The theme of spare children’s room is adventure, accompanied by Yamagata headboards, compass wardrobe and grass Carpet to simulate the camping environment. The guest room design with a simple and comfortable manner. Finally, balcony designed with flower and seating areas just likes a small garden. Owner can enjoy the sea view and relax their spiritual.