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半山壹號 Celestial Heights Design Cover


半山壹號 Celestial Heights Design Floor Plan

The apartment at Celestial Heights is located in Ho Man Tin and has an area of approximately 1,775 sq.ft. The entire interior design emphasizes comfort and simplicity, while also incorporating plenty of storage space that is cleverly hidden away.

Danny incorporated wooden elements throughout the various spaces to cater to the homeowner’s preference for a wooden interior. The wooden storage cabinets, accompanied by gray wallpaper and curved lines, exude a strong sense of design within the natural and simple aesthetic, creating a comfortable and spacious living environment. In addition to the wooden storage cabinets, the apartment also features other wooden elements such as a wooden dining table and chairs, as well as a wooden feature wall in the living room. These elements add warmth and texture to the space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

The design also incorporates a neutral color palette, with shades of gray and white dominating the walls and furnishings. This creates a calming and serene environment that complements the natural wood elements.

As mentioned earlier, the apartment also boasts ample storage space, with cleverly concealed cabinets and shelves scattered throughout the different rooms. This not only helps to keep the space organized and clutter-free, but also maximizes the usable living space.

Overall, the design of the apartment at Celestial Heights strikes a balance between comfort, simplicity, and functionality, while incorporating natural wood elements that add warmth and character to the space.