Wings at Sea

Wings at Sea, situated in the Tseung Kwan O area of Hong Kong, boasts an approximate area of 700 square feet. Interior designer Danny Chiu took a daring approach by embracing a dark color scheme within the space, combining dark gray wall coverings with wooden flooring to create a captivating sense of layering. Despite the use of these deep hues, Danny skillfully integrated numerous lighting effects to establish a bright and cozy indoor environment. His intention was to establish a distinct ambiance that would differentiate between the day and night, injecting a refreshing touch for the homeowner.

To further enhance the design, Danny incorporated various textures, most notably through the implementation of wooden flooring, which not only added visual interest but also contributed to the overall sense of depth within the space. The warm and inviting wood tones beautifully complemented the dark palette, creating a harmonious and immersive atmosphere.

The highlight of the design is the meticulously designed terrace, which serves as the sole connection to the outdoors, allowing for the intake of fresh air. Recognizing the importance of this area, Danny ingeniously incorporated functional elements by designing a bar setup and integrating lush green plants. The lively and vibrant terrace, complemented by the wooden flooring, provides the perfect setting for the homeowner to savor a delightful drink while enjoying the captivating sunset.

In the master bedroom, Danny continued the harmonious interplay of dark and light. Inspired by the living and dining room concept, he introduced a soothing blue color scheme that creates a calming and cozy ambiance. To optimize space utilization and enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal, he cleverly transformed one side of the bedside table into a dressing table, a thoughtful touch that maximizes practicality while adding an element of charm.

Through his expert design, Danny Chiu has transformed the 700 square feet Wings at Sea apartment into an enchanting oasis. By skillfully balancing the dark color scheme with strategic lighting and diverse textures, he has created a captivating and harmonious living environment that caters to the homeowner’s preferences while elevating the overall living experience.