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金峰名匯 The Lux Mansions Cover


金峰名匯 The Lux Mansions Design Floor Plan

This is a private residence project designed for Sky Oasis – The Lux Mansions, situated at the south of Cotai Strip, Macau. Around 3,500sq.ft. Danny need to strike a balance between aesthetic and functionality.

Danny taking inspiration from ribbon dance, trimmings can be seen throughout the interior design. Bronze steel trimming wraps around the ceiling and wall panels, serving as an outline highlighting the abode. By incorporating visual art concept when designing the screen partition, a penetration effect is created – the art painting becomes a decorative element for both the entrance way and dining area.

Timeless earth-toned palette provides the ideal setting for weekend retreat. Contrasting hues including dark wooden floors and light beige are introduced thus laid out a relaxed and chic feeling. Apart from the softer palette and neutral tones, Danny added a tint of green to pair with the earthy palette, hence evoking a sense of nature.

Entering the abode, guests are greeted by a carefully arranged visual art installation. A frame-like partition is placed between the main entrance and the dining; thus, has created an illusion that the art painting (dining area) and the screen partition (foyer) are one single unit. In reality, both of them are two separated elements which complement each other. As such, the art painting serves as a decorative piece for both the foyer and the dining. Subtle bronze detailing wraps around the ceiling, and connects with the bespoke cabinet and the floor-to-ceiling screen to create a hotel-like luxurious interior.