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名門 The Legend Cover


名門 The Legend Design Floor Plan

The interior design project for The Legend residence adopts a modern Chinese style that is simple, elegant, and blends modern design with traditional Chinese elements. The highlight of the space is the entrance’s latticed screen design, which adds a sense of lightness to the already spacious living and dining area. The screen design features traditional Chinese patterns and geometric shapes, showcasing a unique design aesthetic.

In the living and dining area, Danny chose wooden flooring and light-colored walls, utilizing ample natural light through large floor-to-ceiling windows to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor views and create a pleasant visual experience for guests. The furniture in the space consists of wooden tables and chairs that embody Chinese style, complemented by light-colored decorative accessories. The large flower-themed paintings on the living room walls add an artistic touch to the entire space.

This modern Chinese-style design project for The Legend residence showcases Danny’s creativity and professionalism. By blending Chinese elements with modern design, Danny has created a unique, beautiful, and functional space. From the latticed screen to the furniture and decorative accessories, every detail has been carefully designed to showcase an elegant, light, and natural aesthetic. The use of natural light and the integration of indoor and outdoor views provide a pleasant and immersive experience for guests. The incorporation of traditional Chinese elements in different areas of the residence adds to the overall ambiance and creates a sense of cultural richness.