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九龍塘別墅 Kowloon Tong House Cover


九龍塘別墅 Kowloon Tong House Design Floor Plan

Danny was tasked with remodeling a generous four-storey Kowloon Tong House. This capacious 7,000 sq.ft residence with elevator is the new home for a young couple that is all at once fit for entertaining large groups of family and friends.

One of the interior design standout features is the soaring ceiling in the living space. Danny is therefore making use of this most eye-catching part to create a luxurious cruise inspired interior with a hospitable and friendly personality that would definitely impress visitors when entering the abode. As such, a decorative scheme composed of bronze and grey palette with oak finishing gives a sophisticated charm to the entire interior design. The outdoor area is dominated by greyish flooring and greenery, exuding a completely different ambience compared with the indoor area. To narrate the dynamic of cruise and the simplicity with causal vibe, curved design is widely incorporated throughout the residence.

The versatility of specific zones, which interprets the theme of indoor-outdoor crossing without actual boundaries, floor-to-ceiling glass windows lead out to the expansive exterior terrace and garden, making the sitting room and terrace codependent. Guests could either choose to stay inside or outdoor when the homeowner is hosting barbecues or cocktail parties. The interior design pairing with various layers of lighting effects and smart home system, further evokes a sense of luxurious cruise built for pleasure and entertaining. Thereby transforming the four-storey Kowloon Tong House into a chic contemporary haven in order to host regular throngs of guests.