Danny Chiu Interior Designs Ltd. located at the commercial district – Kowloon Bay in Hong Kong, this is a project for the design firm with approximately 3,700 sq.ft. Key to the color scheme is the introduction of walnut and dark palette.

We envisioned the brand-new office space for a design firm should be versatile and dynamic, instead of being too commercial. The fan-shaped layout is basically divided into three zones. Firstly, the multi-purpose living zone and the conference area inspired by the idea ‘Design Lounge’ apply to the interior design. It comprised of a well-equipped open kitchen, a restaurant and a meeting room. Secondly, the working area furnished in stylish black and white palette. Last but not least, the design director’s room is an enclosed private space features the wine tasting & cigar room. To visualize our Danny’s motto – ‘Enjoy Your Design Life’, the entire interior has been thoughtfully curated with the goal of creating a stimulating and friendly environment, thus lending to a stress-free workplace for the employees.

Danny Chiu Interior Designs Ltd. has introduced the idea of a ‘Design Lounge’ – not only a customer-oriented approach, but also the vision and philosophy raised by Danny. In the meantime, the Design Lounge is also a vast welcoming area to greet our visitors to create memorable and delightful experience to the potential clients. The ultimate goal is the visualization of ‘Enjoy Your Design Life’ – the motto that Danny has taken to heart of interior design.