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雲海別墅 Crown Of St Barths Cover


雲海別墅 Crown Of St Barths Design Floor Plan

Crown Of St Barths located in the coastal area of Ma On Shan showcases a modern luxury style. Danny using a combination of beige and antique bronze to create an atmosphere of refined elegance. White marble is used as the primary material for the floors and walls, creating a clean and bright color scheme that gives the space a feeling of openness and transparency.

Danny pays special attention to detail and layering in the interior design, with the curved ceiling design injecting a soft atmosphere into the space. Decorate with some FENDI furniture, creating a sense of understated luxury. In addition, the bar area is a focal point of the entire lobby, with antique bronze as the main color scheme, creating a noble and exquisite atmosphere that exudes an elegant lifestyle.

Furthermore, Danny has put a lot of effort into the details of the design. For example, a large crystal chandelier with a unique shape and sparkling light adds a touch of glamour to the entire space. The lighting design throughout the lobby is also carefully considered, with different lighting effects creating different atmospheres at different times, providing people with different emotional experiences.

Overall, this design project located in the coastal area of Ma On Shan showcases a modern and luxury style, with meticulous attention to detail and an atmosphere of refined elegance. It showcases the ultimate in taste and luxury, creating a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. It is a highly valuable design case in both visual effect and practicality.