Chemical Pathology Center located at Kowloon, it is a private laboratory. The color scheme of the laboratory is primarily blue and white, complemented by smooth and easy-to-clean materials, creating a clean and professional atmosphere.

At the reception counter, Danny uses a combination of blue and white colors, along with a design that incorporates diffused lighting. The waiting area features sofas with cushions in varying shades of blue, creating a comfortable ambiance for clients while they wait for test results.

In the office area, the predominant color scheme is pure white, complemented by white lighting. This gives the entire space a clean and bright look, creating a sense of vitality and energy. At the reception counter, Danny has chosen a combination of blue and white colors, enhanced by diffused lighting. This design choice brings a sense of modernity and technology, while the combination of blue and white enhances the overall professional atmosphere. The use of diffused lighting adds dynamism and visual appeal to the reception area, making it a focal point and welcoming area of the laboratory.

Waiting area features sofas with cushions in different shades of blue. This design choice aims to provide clients with a comfortable and relaxed environment, ensuring their pleasant and stress-free experience while waiting for test results. The selection of blue color attributes a sense of calmness and tranquility, contributing to a soothing atmosphere.

Overall, the design concept of this private laboratory emphasizes simplicity, cleanliness, and professionalism, this design concept creates a comfortable, professional, and invigorating environment for the laboratory.