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Siam Glam

Natural. Relaxing. Comfortable. Words that provide a full description of the interior design of this apartment.

Roaming around the living room, the laid-back atmosphere creates an illusion that you have travelled to Thailand, an exotic Southeast Asian country that screams relaxation. The entire apartment is nicely decorated with the organic walnut colour, which echoes the owner’s LOHAS and natural approach to life. Instead of using natural but coarse materials that are commonly seen in Thai designs, the designer decides to fancy up the apartment with smooth and glamorous decorative elements, such as silky wallpaper, horsehair upholstery, marble and wool, etc. Adopting this unconventional design with a pure yet sophisticated style, the designer has ingeniously created a little Thailand that is unique to the owner.

To throw off the shackles of the typical Thai designs, the designer introduces marine elements into the project. With the help of some meticulous details, the panoramic view of the sea outside the windows seems even more spectacular. Effortlessly, it allows the owner to indulge in a room of cosy comfort. To stray from the dominant wooden colour, the designer incorporates leather, marble, audio-visual equipment and downlighters into his design to inject both contemporaneity and functionality into the apartment. This whimsical interior design in the Siam style creates a harmonious balance between natural environment and popular entertainment.