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When Warmth and Cool collide

However lavish a home design is, without human touches, the home just seems lifeless.

Purple, the colour of elegance, and silver, the colour of nobility, a combination of the two complementary colours sets the tone for the apartment, oozing sophistication. Being well aware of the owner’s hospitality and his keenness to throw parties, the designer tries to foster a gentle and warm feeling by using a range of cream and light gray. He also incorporates suede leather into the design to tune down the luxurious impression created by the cool colours. The collision between warmth and cool develops a sense of harmony and thus brings human touches to the apartment.

The design manages to capture the theme of joy-sharing down to the last detail. In this home, everyone feels very welcome. Let’s take the living room and the sitting room as examples. The designer embraces the concept of clubhouse boxes and introduces it into the dining room, making it part of the parlour. The design of the room behind the living room is nearly magical. In the blink of an eye, a retractable table is risen above the floor. When the table is in place, the sitting room instantly transforms itself into a mingling and food-serving area for partgoers. When the table is retracted, the ample space is converted into a living room and a dressing room. This dual-function design is playful and practical at the same time, which caters to the owner’s social need.