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The Masterpiece

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Get through two-unit apartment, front-end area is decorated for over 25 person banquet area, and the living room and bedrooms are separated by a sliding door and remaining privacy. “PURPLE” is used frequently in this project, matched with white as the main theme of the whole house to render gentle intimacy.

Designer use homeopathic curve elements, the living room of the banquet converted into curved walls, so the visual focus more focused and rich layering.

Floral pattern is also another focus of this apartment, the designer deliberately outline floral pattern in order to decorate air ducts, the wall of this living room area is also decorated with mosaic collage chosen floral pattern.

Fetch up for the shortcomings of the principle of irregular floor plan design, walls destruction can be distinguished sleeping area and cloakroom, matched crystal bead and pink and purple carpet, to create a low-key and luxurious ambience.