Danny Chiu

About Danny Chiu
Danny Chiu, a professional member of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association (HKIDA), obtained a Diploma in Interior and Environmental Design from the Hong Kong Chingying Institute of Visual Arts in 1998. After graduation, Danny worked in several internationally renowned design firms to earn experience. Later in 2009, he established the company Danny Chiu Interior Designs Ltd. to develop his own business.

Over the past 20 years, Danny has created numerous outstanding works in different interior design categories and has successfully received acclamations over the world, included the IDA International Design Award (USA), Successful Design Award (China), Golden Bund Award (China), K-design Award (Korea), International Property Awards (England) and A-Design Award (Italy) etc.

Some of his works were published by some influential interior design magazines and newspaper in Hong Kong. Those designs were also broadcasted on TV programs and received positive reflection from the society. In recent years, Danny started to act as a judge for some interior design competitions, giving guidance and help to new designers. In 2017, he has been invited to be a judge member for the K- design Award in Korea. Additionally, Danny is also an active member of the charitable institution, International Rotary Club, devoting himself to serve the community.

Danny's living philosophy “Enjoy Your Design Life” has totally reflected on his work. He believes a design is regarded as successful only when it brings enjoyment to the user, and so does the designer.